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Using Let’s Encrypt with Plotly/Dash (On

3 minute read


I use NearlyFreeSpeech to host my Dash/Flask app Waveplot and it works quite well. Part of running a website is caring about users and their data, so its best to always use https so that data is encrypyted when sent between the server and the user. Not everyone does this however, and turning on the chrome warning for non https sites is quite alarming!

Obtaining pseudospin-1/2 g-values from crystal field wavefunctions

9 minute read


Pseudospin Hamiltonians and wavefunctions are often employed in the single-molecule-magnet and qubit literature as a means of describing a small subset of a much larger group of states. This is particularly useful for a few reasons, but before delving deeper let’s set out some useful starting points.

Plotting theoretical infrared spectra

5 minute read


I recently had to plot some theoretical infrared spectra using the output of a DFT optimisation and frequency calculation performed in Gaussian and didn’t want to have to plot everything in Gaussview. Here’s how to plot exactly the same spectrum as Gaussview, and hopefully a clear explanation of what Gaussian means by IR Intensities.

Setting up an X11 Server on WSL2

less than 1 minute read


The following is a set of instructions for setting up an X11 server for the Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL2).